Listed below are links to websites with additional provider education information and materials, such as healthcare provider tool kits, office forms, handheld computer program, and more. (Website listings are for information only, inclusion does not constitute endorsement.)

Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention
University of Wisconsin Medical School website offering healthcare provider training materials, including clinician packets, presentation slides and healthcare provider training manuals (with video): Hand-Held Computer Tool
Website has a "Resources for Health Professionals" section that includes a link for downloading NCI's Handheld Computer Smoking Intervention Tool (HCSIT), designed to assist clinicians with point-of-care smoking cessation counseling. It can be used with both Palm® and MicrosoftTM Pocket PC handheld computers:

Clinical Toolkit for Treating Tobacco Dependence
Toolkit developed by the Texas Department of State Health Services; includes provider guides, pharmacotherapy guide, posters, patient materials, etc; downloadable in PDF format :

Ask-Advise-Refer Smoking Cessation Initiative
Website provides toolkit with downloadable materials for dental hygienists, as well as other resources, including contact information for state program liaisons:

ACCP Tobacco Cessation Tool Kit
American College of Chest Physicians tool kit  includes pharmacotherapy grid, chart stickers, assessment tools, patient education brochures and more; available on CD-ROM for $30:

Navy Environmental Health Center
Tobacco Cessation section provides clinicians and health educators with a 40-page manual, tools, guidelines, training information, presentations, posters and videos, brochures, articles, links to other resources and more:

MedQIC Tools: Smoking Cessation Package
Includes downloadable files for poster, chart sticker, pocket card, mailer and more; available on the Medicare Quality Improvement Community website (click the "Search for Tools" link, use keyword "smoking":